Wednesday, 23 March 2011


You do get those occasions where you glance at a mother and a child  in the midst of a beautiful sharing moment, and you think to yourself, why, why can’t I have what that child does, a mother. I would not define my mother as a definition of a mother. well, not anymore. From being a woman of extremely high  values, and principles, to becoming someone that cares for no one but herself, was a shocking process to see unfold in front  o f my very eyes. From being the type of woman that would stand by her husband through anything, no matter what he, himself through or did to her, to becoming a woman, that she herself when pride was in her vocabulary, swore she never would be like. Now the slightest amount of affection that can be squeezed from any man is worth her pride. From fooling herself into thinking that a man with a wife has feelings for her and attempting to destroy the family of a 10 month old child is further then I would have ever thought she will go, to trying to suffocate a 24yr boy into having a relationship with her. Bribery goes well in hand for her now, knowing how to get to men that she wants to lore into her web, of attention draining. Food, alcohol, sex, all goes well in the pot of deceit that she brews up for them. Being 48 and having a daughter of 24, to be louring men into this web of hers, is an awful example to be setting. An example that says, do whatever you can you get the attention you want .a mother is supposed to put her Childs needs before hers, she’s supposed to be there for you no matter what happens, no one should get in that way, or should I say she should allow someone to get in the way.

Friday, 18 March 2011

What it should be like

A mother should be that person who is there from the time you take your first step to your first word, to your first boyfriend, and then still there for you as you take your first steps towards starting your own family. She should be the one to guide you in the right direction, in how to take of yourself, your husband, and your own family, she should be the one you look to for the advise you need when things just don’t seem to be as certain as you would like them to be. BUT, that’s what a mother should be like, but they not always are.